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Corne MX Wireless Keyboard

Corne MX Wireless Keyboard

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The Corne MX keyboard is a compact, split-design mechanical keyboard with 42 switches in total.

This set includes all components required to assemble the Wireless version of the Corne MX keyboard.

Soldering is not required for this kit. The only tool required is a Phillips head screwdriver. You can follow the instructions (including connecting the battery) here.

Kit Components:

  • Wireless PCB with soldered 2x nice!nano and 2x nice!view
    • Micro-controller is pre-flashed with ZMK firmware
  • 3D Printed Case
  • 2x 110mAh batteries
  • Spacers & Screws
  • 8x Rubber feet

NOTE: Batteries are not allowed for overseas shipments (outside Singapore). Please select the no-battery variant or your order will be cancelled. Follow our guide on where to buy and install batteries.

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