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Corne MX Wireless DIY Kit

Corne MX Wireless DIY Kit

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The Corne MX keyboard is a compact, split-design mechanical keyboard with 42 switches in total.

This set includes all components required to solder and assemble the Corne keyboard. 

Kit Components:

  • Wireless PCB
  • nice!nano & nice!view
    • 2x nice!nano
    • 2x nice!view
    • Headers and sockets required for soldering
  • Soldering Components
    • 42x Diode
    • 42x Kailh hotswap socket
    • 2x Reset switch
    • 2x Power switch
    • 2x JST Female connector

Optional Add-Ons:

  • 3D Printed Case
    • Case
    • Top Plate
    • Display Cover
  • 2x 110 mAh LiPo Battery

NOTE: Batteries are not allowed for overseas shipments (outside Singapore). Overseas orders with batteries will be cancelled.

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